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Straight Drop Awnings

By Luxaflex
  • Choice of colours
  • Sun and rain protection
  • Energy efficient

Style and sophistication

Luxaflex® Straight Drop Awnings provide privacy and sun protection, adding a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your home, especially where space is at a premium. 

The sleek design and wide choice of fabrics makes these awnings particularly suited for modern open-plan living areas, allowing sun and light in during the day, and privacy and darkness during the evening or when you are not at home.

Verandah Straight Drop

A timeless awning that rolls from the bottom and uses cords to roll up the fabric. It requires straps and stirrups to hold the awning down.

Spring Straight Drop

A traditional straight drop that is spring controlled. Straps and stirrups hold the awning down at your desired position as it is tensioned from the top roller.

Channel Roll Up

A modern take on a classic straight drop awning that uses side channels to lock the bottom rail at the desired position.

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