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Motorised Blinds, Shutters and Awnings

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Home Automation with Luxaflex

Unlock the full potential of motorised window coverings through automation, operate a window covering via a remote control, sensor, smartphone, tablet or even a 3rd party home-automation system.

Remote control operation provides convenience and comfort allowing complete control of your blind or awning without having to physically operate it yourself. Sensors can prevent damage to awnings by retracting them when winds exceed a certain speed and can control light by closing/opening an awning based on a customised light intensity setting of your choice. As our range of motorised window coverings have no cords - child safety concerns are reduced when picking motorised products and are a natural choice for families of all sizes. Motorised products can be powered by batteries for easy installation, eliminating the need for an electrician; or hard-wired to 240V AC, providing a constant power without the need to replace batteries.

What are the benefits of Home Automation?

Luxaflex motorised window coverings are able integrate into many different home automation systems both wireless and hardwired giving you the ultimate smart home experience.

Home-automation systems control devices automatically by switching on/off and adjusting settings at pre-set times or in response to environmental changes e.g. the external temperature reaches a certain point, which triggers air-conditioner to switch on and blinds to come down in the house. The benefits of home automation include:

  • Reduce energy Consumption: Control heating, cooling and lighting through window coverings, thermostats, air-conditioners, fans and lights. Home-automation allows each device to work individually or together based on user preferences or external conditions.
  • Convenience: Automatically carryout routine tasks that would be performed on a daily basis, whereby at the press of a single button when leaving the house - the lights will switch off, blinds come down and security system is activated.
  • Comfort: Set the perfect ambiance for the theatre room by a single button press, lights will dim, blinds come down, the air conditioner will turn on to your preferred temperature and your projector & AV system switch on.
  • Security: Configure the home automation system to give the illusion someone is home by having your lights turn on/off as well as having your blinds open & close while on holidays.

Which Solution is right for me?

Luxaflex Window Fashions has a wide range of internal and external products that can be controlled from a central hub, offering a low cost home automation solution for window coverings that allows smartphones and tablets to operate, set scenes & schedules and even operate remotely when you are away from home.

Integrating into 3rd party home-automation systems is also possible via various connection methods including, wireless ZigBee, Dry Contact (Open, Common, Close), RS-232 Serial and 4 core power cabling (2x active, natural & earth). These methods may require additional relays, modules or interfaces to allow integration into the home-automation system. A wide range of automation systems are available, which are traditionally broken up into two categories

  • Wireless systems: Designed for installation into existing houses without hardwired systems. Wireless technology eliminates the need to run cables behind walls which allows for easy installation and setup. 'Do-it-yourself' solutions are becoming increasingly popular with examples including Google Home, Control4 and IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • Hardwired systems: Typically seen in new home builds, hardwired systems require each switch, sensor or device to be centralised to one location through wiring. These wired systems are extremely reliable as each device is hard-wired, eliminating communication and interference issues. Due to the increased complexity of installation, it is advised that a professional design and install hardwired systems. Examples of hardwired home automation systems include C-Bus® and Dynalite®.