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11 Aug 2022

How to guide: Make drapes & shades a perfect pair


Combining drapes or curtains with shades or shutters can add a sense of depth, luxury and immediate sophistication to your home’s interiors.

Layering window coverings with a soft, sheer curtain adds a beautiful softness, movement and texture to a room.
Neale Whitaker, Luxaflex Brand Partner

But how do you know which option to select? How do you make layering actually work for your home and your style? Our Luxaflex consultants can always make specific recommendations that suit you, but here are some general tips to follow:  

Avoid a ‘one size fits all’ solution

Each room of your home will typically have unique requirements depending on its function, position and overall style. Rather than simply applying the same solution to every room, think about how different rooms can work to complement each other rather than necessarily being the same.

Think about light flow

Mix and match opacities and translucency to ensure you’re always letting the right amount of light into a room. For instance, sheer curtains can add a sense of luxury and gently filter light without making a room too dark. Or, in a bedroom, you may want to combine heavier drapes with blockout shutters to create the ultimate sleep sanctuary.

Choose common elements for uniformity

Having some level of visual consistency around your home can also work very well in terms of aesthetics. But this doesn’t necessarily have to mean always using the same combination of shades, drapes and curtains. You may, for instance, want to use the same shutter or shade in bedrooms, and another in bathrooms.

Think about function and motorisation

When choosing a combination of window coverings, it’s also important to think about how they will each be operated. Will they both be automated? Will one of them be automated, and one manual? Speak with a consultant about the options, and what works best for you and your home.

Get the order right

Neale Whitaker suggests that – when combining shades and drapes – you tart with Luxaflex® Window Coverings such as Pirouette® Shadings or Duette® Shades as the ‘base layer’ – to fulfil your needs with regards to precise light control, privacy, energy efficiency and insulation. He then recommends adding Luxaflex® Curtains as a finishing layer – to extend your design options and create the extra touch that brings your room together. 

 He points out that curtains are ideal for making decorative statements, adding layers of depth, dimension and drama, framing windows to create an illusion of height, and adding a level of softness and warmth to a space. 

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