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01 May 2023

Three Birds Renovations - House 15


It’s been a while since the Three Birds Renovations team released a newly renovated home – and for good reason. They’ve been working on their most challenging renovation yet: a huge, three-storey waterfront home in Sydney with a very distinct brief: Modern Mallorca. Despite its spectacular location, this vast property didn’t make full use of natural light, nor its impeccable views. The interiors were dated, the exterior lacked personality, and the entire house was calling out for attention.  

The Three Birds team conducted some extensive research into contemporary Mediterranean style – even taking a trip to Mallorca. Inspired by the organic, flowing feel of the Mediterranean coastline and its architecture, the look they chose for this incredible new home is focused on stone, textured render, tiles, arches, and curved surfaces. 

On the outside, the house was completely updated – the roof was lifted, a functional new level was created at the base of the home, and textured veneer stone was added to the walls, giving it an authentically Italian feel. 

However, it was on the inside that most of this home’s remarkable transformation took place. The existing interiors were completely stripped out, and the layout was entirely re-configured to be more welcoming and open plan. Every room was given a distinct, yet consistent, look and feel – and the team paid strict attention to how each room would be used by the home’s owners.  

Visually, the team chose curved furnishings in soft, earthy tones – terracotta, white, pale pink and green. Black accents were also used throughout to give the home focal points and a modern edge. 

Windows were a particularly important element of the renovation. In keeping with the Italian villa theme, 95% of the home’s windows were replaced with new curved frames and glass. The Luxaflex and Three Birds teams worked closely together throughout the process to select the most suitable window coverings for this dreamy, European-inspired home. 

“We love to use Luxaflex window coverings to create a feeling, a mood and functionality,” says Lana. 

Here’s what they came up with in various spaces: 

Three Birds Renovations - House 15 Walkthrough

Kitchen, laundry, dining, and main living area

This entire area was previously a bit of a ‘rabbit warren’, with disparate spaces, dated wooden furnishings, and a disconnected flow. It was also quite dark and didn’t take advantage of the property’s impeccable views. 

The team completely transformed the dining area – opening it up to create a bright and welcoming new space, anchored around a giant arched window. A large, curved bench seat made this room even more inviting.  

Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shadings were used to cover the five large windows in this dining space. With their signature S-Vanes, these smart shadings combine elegance with functional design – enabling the owners to harness and beautifully diffuse natural light to their exact preferences. The innovative material used in these shades also allows a view through to the outside, while restricting the view from the street. The team also chose translucent opacity – to maximise the ability to see through to the exterior. Plus, they added PowerView® Motorisation, which means the shadings can be adjusted and opened and closed with the touch of a button – and even from an app on the owners’ devices 

In the living area, a textured veneer stone wall was used to bring the feel of the Mediterranean inside. This wall was complemented by terracotta-toned furnishings, neutral tones, and strong black accents.

Sheer Luxaflex® Curtains in Amadora fabric and Pearl colour were used to cover three of the arched windows in the living space - adding softness, privacy, and gently filtering the light flowing in from the outside. These curtains were also installed with PowerView Motorisation – to complete the sense of luxury on this level of the home. 

Inspired by enduring Italian style, the new kitchen is both modern and classic – with curved surfaces and state-of-the-art appliances: a perfect entertainer’s space. A cave-like butler’s pantry, with a laundry nook, adds an extra element of sophistication and European flair. 

Two existing doors in this level of the home were retained –opening onto a terrace at the rear. 

Luxaflex® Silhouette® Shadings were used to cover these doors. The versatility of these shadings means they are ideal for use in functional areas. The team chose Originale fabric, in Linen Flirt colour, and translucent opacity to maximise the flow of light. 

These shadings were then layered with Luxaflex® Curtains in Amadora fabric and Pearl colour, to add softness and a sense of whimsy to the space. PowerView® Motorisation was also selected – for added convenience. 


Previously, the home’s bedrooms were all located on the upper floor, and the bathrooms were also very much in original condition. 

The team made some layout changes – keeping the two children’s bedrooms upstairs, and turning the other bedroom spaces on this level into versatile study /sitting room areas.  

The walls of the bedrooms were rendered to add visual interest and warmth, and they were both painted in fresh, neutral tones. A raked ceiling in the first bedroom was added to make full use of the natural light. 

For both bedrooms, the team chose Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings in Satin fabric and Birch colour. 

These shadings feature softly contoured, front-facing fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. During opening and closing, the vanes move in tandem for a fluid, graceful effect. Three-dimensional fabric vanes provide a striking and uniform interior look, while softly filtering sunlight and ensuring privacy.

The team selected Room Darkening opacity for the shades, to ensure the bedrooms could become peaceful and cosy spaces for sleeping.  

The shared bathroom on this level was also given a complete makeover – with curved surfaces, neutral tones, and a large picture window which offers a frame of the landscaped back yard. For privacy, Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings were added - in Satin fabric and Birch colour. Unlike in the bedrooms, the team chose translucent opacity for the bathroom’s shades, to maximise the flow of light. 

In the main study area, Luxaflex® Duette® Shades in Elan fabric and Birch Bark colour were chosen to enable the owners to completely block out light when required – as well as filter light flowing into the space during the day. These shades also feature an innovative honeycomb-shaped cell which traps air and can provide important thermal control – helping keep the study cool in summer and warmer in winter. 

Sheer Luxaflex® Curtains in Amadora fabric and Pearl colour were also added to soften the space. 

Main bedroom, ensuites and walk-in robe

The main bedroom was already in a great position in the home. It provided views across the water and was accompanied by a small ensuite. However, the space certainly hadn’t reached its potential, and the clients were even using the spare bedroom as a wardrobe. 

The team completely transformed the entire third floor of the home – turning it into a luxurious suite that would make the owners feel they were on a European holiday, 24/7. 

Structurally, they added a raked ceiling as well as a new balcony which flowed off the front of the room. They also added a walk-in wardrobe with its own window for natural light. The ensuite was also transformed into a large, luxurious bathroom with doors opening onto the balcony. 

A large arched window optimised the home’s water views, and a daybed was installed to provide an ideal place to relax and unwind. 

Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shadings were used to cover this arched window, as well as the two side windows, and in the walk-in robe which ran off the master suite. 

For each of these installations, the team chose Satin fabric in Birch colour, and in Room Darkening opacity – to ensure the home’s owners could enjoy a good night’s sleep. PowerView®  Motorisation was also selected, for added luxury and convenience. 

The doors of this room – which open onto the balcony – were covered with Sheer Luxaflex® Curtains in Amadora fabric and Pearl Colour. These same curtains were also used in the walk-in robe and master ensuite, to create a consistent look throughout the entire space.

Front entry

The bottom level of the home was a tricky one. Previously, the ceiling height was not sufficient for legal habitation and so the space was used mostly for under-house storage. So, extensive excavation was required to turn this level into a valuable new living space.  

The clients requested that this space double as a reception area, as well as guest quarters for visitors. The area was opened up, and given a bright, new lease of life. Two new arched windows at the front were covered with Luxaflex® Curtains in Amadora fabric and in Pearl colour. They were also lined with light-filtering fabric in Ivory colour, and PowerView® Motorisation was added for extra convenience.  

A cleverly recessed Luxaflex® Curtains in the same fabric was used to separate the bedroom from the rest of the space – ensuring the open-plan feel could be retained when it wasn’t being used by visitors. 

A dramatic spiral staircase was also added to connect this space with the floor above. 

Exterior and alfresco areas

The front of this home is a bit different to most homes. For a start, it’s got a pool out the front – perfect for its north-facing orientation. However, the home previously lacked impact and certainly didn’t have a European feel. 

The entire exterior of the home was painted in fresh, white tones, and the existing roofing was replaced with white tiles – the same as those used on many European villas.  The window frames were all painted a dusty green-blue tone – reflecting the tones of the Mediterranean Sea.

The home also had a cute alfresco area at the rear with a stunning backdrop – though this space was under-utilised and a little run-down. The team transformed this into a bright, highly usable dining area - adding an Italian pizza oven as a perfect finishing flourish.

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